State of the Customer Journey 2016

Embracing the journey begins with understanding the journey. As a leader in customer journey management, IX Real Time, powered by Kitewheel, analyzed and compared over a billion brand and customer interactions from its successful delivery of customer journeys for clients worldwide. Data from 2014 and 2015 was analyzed across a range of industries – Retail, Automotive, Travel, Healthcare, Education and Insurance – to provide insights into actual journey executions in today’s evolving customer journey market – revealing that brands are increasingly adopting and investing in a diverse set of customer journeys across a broader range of touch points than ever before.
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IX-Real Time Accelerates Customer Journey Success – Quick & Easy Ways to get started

Don’t know where to start? Need to get up and running quickly?

With one click, our Jumpstarts will create all you need to get started, drawn from our years of experience orchestrating successful customer journeys.


Listen to customers across their entire journey – Gain real-time insights to engage them more effectively.


Coordinate contextually relevant, perfectly-timed responses – guide customers along the path to purchase and reduce cart abandonment.


Blend digital and physical spaces to create uniquely relevant experiences for your customers – unify online and in-store experiences.


Listen for specific mentions of your brand across social channels – integrate that information to engage the customer in a meaningful way.


Match behavior from ad interactions to data from other marketing channels – engage with perfectly-timed, contextually relevant communications.


Allow customers to earn, apply and redeem incentives in real-time across channels – increase brand engagement and loyalty.

The IX Real-Time Customer Journey Hub

  • IX-Real Time orchestrates intelligent customer journeys by unifying decisions across all touchpoints.
  • Own customer journey innovation & orchestration and drive higher ROI for your clients.
  • Drive engagement, conversion, and retention across the entire customer lifecycle.


Where the Hub Connects