Real-Time Customer Engagement


Your consumer does not think in channels

No two consumers are alike. Consumers today move at the speed of innovation and expects immediate gratification. They consume media on their terms – not yours. They don’t just want to be heard, they want their communication acted upon. And just because two people are on the same journey, it does not mean they share the same experience.

You don’t need more marketing software, you just need a listening hub

IX Real-Time is totally channel agnostic and can connect to any device with our pre-built adaptors

You don’t have to rip or replace anything – use what you already have

Right offer, right channel, right time = better communication to an individual customer

Just plug in and play – allowing you to deliver personal, interconnected experiences instantly

Agile Agencies & Brands use IX Real-Time

Visually design interactive journeys that span all channels and touchpoints using IX Real-Time’s interactive whiteboard interface.
INSTEAD OF: Manual “mapping” of journeys from word documents and powerpoints

Easily connect all existing channels (digital ads, beacons, websites, apps, email, SMS, call center, Kiosks), disparate data (1st and 3rd party), and even social networks (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr) using our library of pre-built adaptors.

INSTEAD OF: Months or years of manual coding.

Operationalize the journeys you’ve created, directly from IX Real-Time visual design environment.

INSTEAD OF: Disjointed and drawn-out implementation processes

Easily refine journeys to fit changing business needs or data-driven insights from techniques including A/B and multivariate testing.

INSTEAD OF: Being locked into hard-coded systems and logic

IX Real-Time allows you Accelerated Innovation

Delivers the omni-channel experiences your clients are demanding

Improve engagement, conversion and retention

Connect with the right customers across ALL channels

Deliver the right communication, using the right channel in the right context at the right time

Win new accounts

Generate new revenue streams