Crush Data Siloes

Identify the customer engagement lifecycle and data sources, assess quality and gaps, and rationalize customer views on an enterprise ready platform

Scaleable Architecture

Use our scalable, high-performance architecture that supports all digital marketing technologies that is completely channel agnostic AND future proof!


Privacy Compliance & Governance

EI always ensures regulatory (POPI, CPA etc) compliance guaranteeing each experience meets regulatory requirements as well as keeps the customer engaged and satisfied

Truly Omni-Channel (For Real)

EI enables organisations to unify and standardise user-level and aggregate data across all digital marketing technologies and customer touch points to create individual customer views

Customer Profile Management

The EI database enables the creation of first-party customer profiles based on rich, omni-channel data

Accelerate Marketing Performance

Implement and optimise analytics, personalisation, data management and other initiatives without relying on IT development cycles

Deliver Contextual Personalisation

Create customer experiences based on recent and past behavior, as well as immediate intent, in order to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction across channels and devices

Real Time Contextual Targeting

Deliver 1:1 targeted communication based on the customer’s immediate intent, recent and past behavior AS WELL AS  the stage of their customer journey


Real Time Customer Profiling

EI has access to South Africa’s richest economically active data source, which includes a treasure trove of historical information. We are the only company to augment historical data with real-time and in-session customer level behavior and intent

Drive predictive modeling with robust, omni-channel customer profiles

By combining deep analysis of legacy data along with current click-stream activity, organisations are able to provide a rich contextual customer experience that follows the customer cross channel

Make the Data & Tech work for you

Integrate all of your marketing technologies and customer data to drive dramatically higher ROI and faster execution across all channels and devices.

Build lifetime value.

Deliver digital experiences over the lifetime of your customer that build brand loyalty and drive demand. Customer profiles-continually enriched in real-time-are key to personalised, in-the-moment marketing

Its not about the tools. Its about getting all the data together and acting on it

Unify Siloed Data within Persistent Real-Time Profiles

Collect online and offline first party data and store in persistent profiles to enable segmentation, targeting and personalisation. Gain complete ownership of your customer data that can be accessed in real-time and delivered to key action systems and marketing technologies.

Gain a 360° Customer View

Collect data from your owned web properties, various marketing programs including display advertising, email, social media, mobile and even offsite channels and even backend systems including CRM, POS and more to have as complete a view of your customer and their journey as possible.

Transform Omni-Channel Insights into Action

Leverage customer data based profiles for improved segmentation, targeting and analysis. Stitch anonymous and various known profiles together to create a single view of your customers to improve segmentation, targeting, analysis and reporting.


EI empowers your ability to manage content and customer interactions across all channels and at all points of the customer journey. Engage prospects where they stand, whenever they are ready to be reached. Know who to reach & who not to irritate and waste your budget on.

Personalisation & Enhanced Insight


Robust Customer Profiles

Boost your customer profile strategy with robust omni-channel data. This data can be integrated into your existing profiles to create a more powerful foundation to fuelling personalised, real-time action across your marketing technology stack.


Localised Validation Tools

Our validation software has been designed by South African’s for our kinda data, because we truly understand the challenges businesses face