With so many tools, platforms and communication channels, modern business executives would be forgiven for feeling a little intimidated when planning their next advertising or marketing campaign.

If you’re a business executive and you’re feeling this way, you probably have a few questions. It’s likely that you’re wondering which channels you should invest in to get the highest return? And questioning how you can grow your customer base in the most cost-effective way possible? Perhaps you’re also debating where you can find customers that’ll be interested in what you have to offer?

John Wanamaker, a well-known political figure and marketing pioneer is credited with originally saying: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. But with the right solution this needn’t be the case.

And that’s where Analytical Market Optimisation or AMO™ from Effective Intelligence (EI) comes in. AMO™ is a comprehensive solution that provides business leaders with accurate market intelligence to increase revenue across multiple traditional and digital marketing channels.

According to Julian Ardagh, CEO of EI, this enterprise marketing automation solution gives executive teams all the information they need to make better decisions using unique intelligence within a simulated environment. AMO™ also gives executives the visibility they need to more strategically allocate brand and marketing budgets and accurately track return on investment, notes Ardagh.

AMO™ helps business executives understand the true size of their market and the key demographics of this market, allowing them to interact with their customers using the most effective communication channels. In doing so, AMO™ frees up their time to focus on the tactics and economics of their marketing and advertising campaign strategies.

“The complexity of direct marketing has expanded rapidly in recent years, with particular focus on the growth of digital channels. The head of business have to make difficult decisions about targeting the right customers, with the right offers, while staying within budget and without cannibalising sales or saturating customers with too many messages.”

As South Africa’s leading provider of analytical market intelligence solutions, EI utilises it’s intelligent and highly responsive marketing database to provide business leaders with the most reliable market information so they can create a sustainable competitive advantage.

AMO™ features the following exciting capabilities:

  • With a direct link to the largest personalised consumer database in SA, AMO™ offers all the insight business executives need to optimise lead generation and make informed market decisions.
  • Tailored to fit any organisation, AMO™ analyses a complex mix of traditional and digital customer data to provide intelligent insights.
  • Offering a detailed description of each customer’s life stage – from basic demographics to digital footprint – AMO™ makes is easier to successfully nurture customer relationships.
  • Statistical analysis makes cultivating future campaigns more strategic, enhancing ROI and boosting brand awareness.
  • Using state-of-the-art modelling capabilities, AMO™ identifies who your “best” customers are, where they’re located and how likely they are to respond to your brand messaging.
  • Closed loop feedback of all metrics and results give management teams the information they need measure, optimise and refine results.

The results speak for themselves, notes Ardagh. “AMO™ has delivered up to 30% increases in market returns for some of SA’s top JSE-listed companies,” he concludes.

“Marketers should go beyond the capabilities of traditional campaign management tools. Modern business leaders need a solution that optimises decisions based on insights around customer behaviour. With this data being generated across various interaction points, it can play a pivotal role in conversion and ROI.”