Insights to Consumer Social Groups

# ConsumerInsights

Talk to the right prospects in a way that makes them want to hear you.

EI  enables you to gain actionable market intelligence to drive and inform your marketing strategy. This will create sophisticated dialogue between brands and consumers. Save time and create efficiency by targeting prospects that are more likely to respond and typically more profitable for your business.


Increase your Data Accuracy


Segment for Success


Engage on the optimum channel

Increase your campaign effectiveness up to 23% with accurate & complete data and eliminate the high cost of incorrect information

Improve campaign effectiveness by as much as 13% (*case dependent) by targeting the correct customer for your product/service and dramatically lowering cost of acquisition

A combined approach of data, insights and optimum delivery channel can elevate your customer growth up to 41%

What’s in it for you?

True insights to your Consumer Social groups/segments with actionable market intelligence across ALL consumer markets in SA

Accurately quantify the market size for each customer segment to correctly match product/ target market opportunity

Build campaigns in any channel (digital or traditional)  in the preferred language and brand tonality for prospects

Optimise media spend for Direct and ATL campaigns

Create accurate targeting & consistent customer experiences

Increase the lifetime value by building long-lasting relationships with valuable customers

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By knowing the proper information from consumer social groups, you can:

Build cost-effective promotions/ campaigns because you can ACCURATELY quantify the market size and TRUE market opportunities that exist

Efficiently prioritise customer social segments and develop ideal product positioning in the customer’s preferred communication channel

Deploy predictive modelling to the identified customer social set and BOOM…. we have lift off (that positively affects your bottom line)