It has only been in the last couple of years that the ever increasing rise in competition, government regulations and customer service requirements have forced businesses to focus on their internal processes, process automation to streamline their operations and the value of their own data.

Although not a favourite topic within the hallowed halls of the corporate world, and even less in small to medium businesses, data quality and integrity is key to any integration initiative. Before data can be used for business analytics, data warehousing, marketing campaigns or even customer relationship management, the data needs to be cleansed, standardised, validated and enriched where possible.

Data quality is however, not a once-off exercise. Data degrades over time. Phone number area codes or phone numbers themselves change, streets are renamed, addresses rezoned, capture errors etc. Data quality is far more than just fixing misspellings, reformatting data or doing a language translation.

“It is the consistent and comprehensive delivery of accurate and timely data to business that is relevant, regardless of its use or application.”

InfoArchitect manages internal data as well as externally sourced data as a seamless, automated function within the organisation. InfoArchitect forms the core engine of the whole process, whether it is implemented in batch mode or integrated into operational systems to serve as a Data Quality Firewall. Click here for more