Customer Engagement

Effective Intelligence (EI), South Africa’s leading marketing and analytical solutions provider, announced the release of IX Real-Time 2016, the next generation of its Customer Journey hub. The platform supports real-time analytics and automated decisioning and can be implemented at unrivalled scale, speed and cost-efficiencies.

IX Real-Time 2016 includes several enhancements and new features that will make it easier than ever for brands and their agencies to plan, execute and optimise intelligent customer journeys. Unlike most Martech solutions that focus on individual touch points, EI’s Customer Journey Hub manages the cumulative experience of a customer across all touch points (the end-to-end customer journey) to build longer lasting relationships with greater value.

In this rapidly emerging market, IX Real-Time is the only packaged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that unifies marketing decisions across all touch points, digital and physical. Through its visual interface, users (both technical and non-technical) can design journeys and then immediately execute from the same UI. The 2016 Hub also provides real-time monitoring, reporting and optimisation of journeys.

IX Real-Time 2016 was built for the cloud and features intuitive user interfaces for strategy, operational execution and analytics. It also enables brands and their agencies to get journeys up and running quickly through a robust library of best practice templates, all customisable and executable at the click of a button.

“The EI integrated solution solves a major problem that marketer’s face – which is how to inform IT and get their buy-in for an ever-evolving marketing eco-system where the requirements are continually changing. The solution connects data held in campaign management systems, content management systems, CRM systems and social media platforms to orchestrate omni-channel listening. The solution also combines content from many different databases and systems to enable enterprises to actively perform customer listening before engagement. In addition, EI enables the use of unique South African marketing assets to help identify prospects and to use external information to aid intelligence predictive decisioning,” says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.

The Customer Journey Hub 2016 includes the following new capabilities:

  • New web-based user interfaces for strategy, operational execution and metrics/analytics
  • Journey Editor to facilitate visual connection of strategy and execution
  • Customer Journey Jumpstarts to accelerate implementation of common marketing tasks such as Adtech and Martech integration and social opportunity conversion
  • Secure project collaboration based on user roles and user groups
  • Seamless testing and deployment of projects in the cloud
  • Highly available, automatic scaling execution capabilities
  • KPI creation, management and optimisation

“We’re incredibly proud and excited for the new Customer Journey Hub. The great attribute is that once implemented the solution is future-proof and able to integrate with all existing and new technologies, so there is a very high ROI on the low initial investment. The solution is quick and easy to modify and it moves the capability from “mostly IT project” required to enable functionality, to ‘mostly business process’ users being required”, concludes Ardagh.