customer orchestration

Flexible & Scaleable Database

Populated with historically accurate customer information on South Africa’s economically active consumers

Supports all type of Data & Touchpoints

Assembles an up-to-the-second “customer base of one” as live interactions occur, throughout the enterprise

Central Decision Hub

Craft journey logic once, then re-use it across all channels and touch points


Be Agile & Modify "on-the-fly"

Design & plan customer journeys with ease. Press play, pause, analyse in real-time, modify or retry.

Deploy & Design from Same UI

Provides you with critical visibility through an intuitive interface that captures customer behavior at every touch-point & updates customer life stage directly


Ease of Use

Drag & drop features gets you up and running in weeks, not months. Behaviour based segments are pre-built so there is no learning curve.

With us, you dynamically derive customer insight & listen to brand interactions to create seamless buying experiences.

Come … take a journey with EI

We’ve been doing this for 18 years!

Rich Data and customer intelligence is in our DNA.

High Performance & Agility is our game

We activate analytics & insights to deliver personalized communications. We’re experts in managing platform integrations and data movement, regardless of what you’ve got in place today.

We don’t leave you to watch cat videos

Your quest towards omni-channel domination is brought to life by a team that understands data and effective marketing operations

Our reputation is built on our service heritage

We spent 18 years building personal relationships with our clients & helped them transform their marketing efforts from product-centric to customer-centric, powered by data.


Market Insights & Customer Intelligence

We focus on identifying the best current and potential customers and getting clear on the messages, experiences and offerings that will resonate.

Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping the patterns of your customers across all channels quickly reveals opportunities to make a stronger connection with them. We can help document and visualize the journey of your customers across all channels throughout their lifecycle.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Design every touch-point and service—physical, digital and face-to-face—to foster a meaningful and cohesive experience for your customer. We can help by leveraging customer intelligence and data to test and validate a seamless design across all channels.

Market to the segment of "1"

Personalisation, real-time communications, social integration, and omni-channel experiences are integral to a productive retention and loyalty strategy. We can help you evolve your marketing organization to deliver brilliant customer engagement.

What’s in it for you?

360 degree Customer Profiles

Enrich and assemble real-time customer profiles across streaming and static data sources.

3rd party data integrations that fill gaps in user data

Systematically listen and respond on all social platforms

Behavioral, demographic & lifecycle segmentation

Present real-time messaging across the web, email, apps, SMS, and more.

Predictive segmentation helps you zoom in on high value prospects

Infuse real-time intelligence into service interactions

Grow your business

By using data (ours or your own) to make compelling connections between technology, platforms and people


By fusing all available customer intelligence to crystallise a view of their experience, allows us to connect and ‘attribute’ events that contribute to conversion.


EI offers businesses true one-to-one audience targeting through South Africa’s most precise and accurate customer orchestration hub. As organisations move from a product-centric approach to a people-centric approach, companies need a customer intelligence solution truly architected around the individual. EI delivers that solution with precision and ease of use, to understand your current ideal customer and identify new, profitable segments.

Charting your Omni-Channel Journey

localised validation tools

You need to know how your customer engages with your brand and marketing, so you can create relevant experiences and quickly change course if something isn’t working. You need to build models based on past behavior to predict future success. To do this, you need an integrated solution that pulls all your insights together so you can accurately improve your user experiences — driving content and advertising engagement while increasing conversions. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place

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