Start owning you customer journey!

Central location for engagement rules & logic

The Hub allows you to craft journey logic one and re-use it across additional channels and touch points.

REAL Real-Time

Different from so called “real-time” offerings – all IX Real-Time hub functions, not just trigger or decision, occur in true real time.

Future Proof

Works with any system, touch point or database in place today – or tomorrow because it is channel agnostic.


Integration, without implementation

Pre-Built adaptors fast track your roll-out to straight forward integration


Open Analytics

Immediately operationalise your SAS, Excel, Java, R, SPSS and any other PMML compliant models – in real time

High Volume Throughput and scalability

The only solution of its kind to be a proven, enterprise class application

What does it look like?

A complete SaaS solution.

A complete SaaS solution that unifies marketing decisions across all touch points, digital and physical. Through its visual interface, users (both technical and non-technical) can design journeys and then immediately execute from the same UI.

Map Out Journeys

Our Journey Editor replaces Powerpoint and process maps with a purpose-built interface for marketing strategists to design and plan customer journeys.
With one click, our templated journey jumpstarts will get you going.

Plug Into What You Have

There’s no need to rip or replace your existing tech suite. Our pre-built adaptors allow you to quickly plug into the systems you have.

Develop Logic & Execute

Craft journey rules and logic centrally within IX Real-Time hub. With the click of a button, bring the journeys you’ve mapped out to life.

Measure & Refine

Define and measure KPI’s for each step of the journey to align with desired business outcomes.
Better understand the end-to-end journeys your customers are on – and then optimize them in real-time



Isolate target social actions and write them to file for processing and reporting



Match ID and analyze if customer is in your database



Arbitrate the “best-next-action” via real-time data, rules and predictive models



Immediately initiate a personalised response or action


Unlike solutions which focus on segments or campaigns, we focus is on the individual consumer experience – powered by South Africa’s richest asset. We know who is right for your business.

Where the Hub Connects

Any Data Source

Enrich and assemble real-time customer profiles across streaming and static data sources.

Social Networks

Systematically listen and respond on all social platforms

Campaign Management

Present real-time messaging across the web, email, apps, SMS, and more.

CRM & Call-Centre

Infuse real-time intelligence into service interactions


Unify Adtech & Martech

Connect the customer journey across Adtech and Martech, physical and digital

Consumer Devices

Interact with wearable devices, IoT, and more.


EI empowers your ability to manage content and customer interactions across all channels and at all points of the customer journey. Engage prospects where they stand, whenever they are ready to be reached. Know who to reach & who not to irritate and waste your budget on.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one big step…. towards EI…. right now

one customer – one journey.


Customer Insight

Is at the heart of customer experiences  

Localised Validation Tools

Our validation software has been designed by South African’s for our kinda data, because we truly understand the challenges businesses face


A Rich Database

Enriched data informs enterprise strategy and our extensive database provides you with the most historically accurate customer information in the South African marketplace

You know what you know

You don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know how much you need us right now.