Listen, Gather, Evaluate, Respond

Orchestrate intelligent customer journeys by unifying decisions across all touchpoints

Why we’re perfect for each other

We work with what you've got

EI’s Orchestration Platform (payable in Rands) delivers seamless, individual customer journeys and experiences in the South African marketplace, without making your existing systems obsolete.

Localised validation tools

Our validation software has been designed by South African’s for our kinda data, because we truly understand the challenges businesses face

Rich Database

Enriched data informs enterprise strategy and our extensive database provides you with the most historically accurate customer information in the South African marketplace

Why are you treating everyone the same?

Identify the right individuals and save money

The “Convincers”

People who buy (or renew) who would not have done so if the campaign had not been run

The “Absolutes”

People who would have bought whether or not you ran the campaign

The “Quitters”

People who never would have bought, with or without the campaign

The “Agitators”

People for whom the campaign triggers a negative response (because of annoyance, being reminded of alternatives or simply given a chance to overcome inaction)

This is not your grandfather’s marketing game anymore!

What’s in it for you



Spot critical insights to connect knowledge and drive superior outcomes

Make Dosh!

Drive revenue growth by identifying the best business opportunities to match your strategic objectives

Know what's happening

Quantify the true market size and potential for each customer by successfully matching to individual profiles

The Real Deal

Combine real-time predictive analytics across all customer touch points, within a single view

Instant Connections

Enhance customer acquisition & increase speed of customer onboarding

Your customer’s don’t think in channels

Own customer journey innovation & orchestration

Make lotsa Moola quickly!

Drive engagement & retention across entire customer lifecycle


Operationalise swiftly & seamlessly

Own the Journey

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