InfoXplorer: Campaign Manager


Easy to Manage

Save-able templates to enable re-use of load configurations


Increase Effectiveness

Reduce costs by as much as 80% by only targeting the customers who are likely to respond.


Fast, secure workflow execution

Can be fully automated via use of custom field level data validation

Easy Selection & Workflow Engine

Nested workflows allows for the design and implementation of re-usable selection processes such as behavioural scorecards or risk matrix solutions.

Intelligent Prospect Management

The InfoXplorer Campaign Management module provides powerful but simple to use campaign planning and tracking with the ability to forecast campaign performance and cost per acquisition. It incorporates comprehensive response tracking at campaign or sub-campaign levels including both financial aspects as well as the time tracking of forecast intake profiles.

All The Right Things

Empowering users with the ability to create tailor-made selections of prospects for marketing campaigns based on any information held including key performance variables identified via analytics and previous campaign results.

InfoXplorer Selection & Workflow Engine

The selection and workflow engine provides users with the ability to create complex, repeatable data selection processes, business process and governance rules via a user friendly interface. The process can be linked to campaigns to provide highly customisable prospect selection strategies. The ability to define criteria for multiple universes of prospects enables the marketer to flexibly manage normally difficult processes in a secure and repeatable manner.

Fast, secure workflow execution

Visual and Dynamic Reporting

Simple to use with full campaign execution by non-technical users.

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Simple & Easy for fast campaign execution

Campaign Management supports user friendly campaign planning, forecasting and performance tracking over various products and channels.

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Real-Time Querying & Selections of prospect data

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