InfoArchitect: The Ultimate Data Quality Firewall

Enhanced Core Data Quality Engine

Manages internal Data as well as externally sourced data as a seamless, automated function within the organisation.

SaaS Services (Cloud/On-Site)

Empowers & Enhances your custom applications or web site by extending your lookup and validation routines to cleanse, standardise and enhance contact information….INSTANTLY!


Highest Quality Data Standards

Validates, corrects & standardises South African & international address structures


Real-Time Validation

Real-Time validation at point of entry… where it matters, to eliminate and identify fraud and bad data

Super-Boosted Core DQ Engine!

All addresses, phone numbers, identity numbers, e-mail addresses, surnames and full names are cleansed and standardised by the InfoArchitect Core Data Quality Engine. In order to maintain our 97.8% accuracy standard, InfoArchitect includes special matchcoding and fuzzy probablistic matching routines and algorithms that have been developed over the past 10 years to assist in the matching process.

Hassle-free & compatible

It operates in Real-Time on the elements of data between heterogeneous systems and processes the data stream ensuring the consistency of your database.

Improved Central Core Engine

From using deterministic logic only to a hybrid model using both determinant & probabilistic logic for matching purposes (47.8% improved match rate) for resolving incorrect/illegible addresses

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