AssureInfo: Know your Customer


Positively identify legitimate customers

As a client, you dictate the flexibility/rigidity of your verification policy requirements

Verify a person in Real-Time

Detect fraud and minimise operational costs

Cloud-based SaaS APi

No infrastructure costs necessary. Everything is hosted in a secure, cloud based environment

Fully POPi Compliant

Uses triple layer security with an AES encryption, like most banks do

Make fast, flexible decisions when acquiring new customers

Utilizing the market-leading strengths of the AssureInfo platform, (a secure cloud-based SaaS API – which means there is no infrastructure set-up necessary), it will enable you to verify personal and contact information – be it an ID number, physical address, mobile number or e-mail address. AssureInfo uses triple layer security using AES encryption, like most banks do.

AssureInfo Plus allows statistical information along with the verification information. Address information can be split into Delivery Address or Collection Address. The most recent address and contact number will also include statistics on the information provided by Effective Intelligence for the personal information required.

Available Functionality Includes:

  • Verifying an ID number
  • Verifying a person
  • Ability to find a person – using minimal information
  • Verify marital status
  • Verify deceased status
  • Check fraud status
  • Get contact details

Verify customers online –┬áverified data is not valid until validated

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Meet compliance due-diligence requirements