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Customer Information Universe

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Customer Contact Updates & Enrichment

How EI can help you Acquire and Retain Customers.

Start with the basics – Validate. Verify. Enhance. Analyse

We rigorously interrogate data to deliver the best accuracy and predictability.  We build bespoke solutions that’s right for you. But talk is cheap. That is why we have a proven 27% higher customer contact-ability reputation than any other vendor in Southern Africa.

Accurate, structured, standardized and validated Customer information IS your most important strategic asset. It fuels a 360 degree view of an individual customer, helps you engage, win and keep them. As experts who own, organise, manage and connects customer information, let EI assist you in delivering consistent brand experiences across channels and find new customers.

Customer Information Universe

We don’t just own customer data. Effective customer information is more than the historical, transactional or real-time nature. Our data tells an individual’s story. EI’s Customer Information Universe provides the most accurate views of best prospects and current customers. We have perfected the art and science of highly accurate, high quality person contact information. Unlike those that sell you ‘leads’  for leads’ sake, we provide you with the best prospects who are most valuable (validated and most responsive) for your business through the depth of our independently owned data asset and years of experience. We value our data asset (it’s our lifeblood, afterall) that is why we vigilantly protect customer information to maintain their trust.  We have been innovating our systems and processes for decades. We’ve done everything – seen everything – and we nailed it!


No doubt about it – we are experts at connecting brands to customers

EI is the only company able to provide you with the most recent, complete and accurate to use person contact information

EI owns and manages the largest database of economically active consumers – 97.4% accuracy that we have built and maintained since 1984

Our Consumer Information Universe is fully POPI compliant – and meets all legal ethical and service standards

Recognised by Direct Marketing Association of SA at a “Database Centre of Excellence”

EI’s Data gives you MORE Opportunities

We don’t just say it – we PROVE it

EI has offered consumer contact data services for over a decade and consistently delivers good results for our clients. Below are some typical metrics from recent projects.



Match Rate


Improved Contact Data


Deceased Persons Identified


Invalid Physical Addresses