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Every prospect and customer matters. You can’t communicate with a customer if you can’t contact them. That is why you need the most recent, updated contact information for your customers. At EI, we pride ourselves in being able to drive revenue growth and lower operating costs, while nurturing and increasing customer satisfaction. Most of all, we accomplish this while driving a holistic view of the customer. Our approach defines a solution based on your needs, internal capabilities and business strategies.

The benefits of our Enterprise Solutions are that you can quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage data issues which will result in substantially improved intelligence and future actions:

Why our Data is the Best

At EI, we combine as many as 25+ different data sources and score them for accuracy and recency before ingesting them into our data. Our internally developed tool InfoArchitect provides unrivaled levels of validation, verification and matching.


Our internal Ombudsperson Christiane Duval  is one of the 12 authors of the POPi Act. Consumer privacy is of utmost importance to us, but is not a risk if data is updated from legal sources. In providing contact updates EI does NOT sell information but enhances, updates companies’ records of their consumers as they wish to keep in touch with them and fulfill their contractual obligations. EI has its information audited by an Ombudsperson for legal compliance. In addition, EI has been accredited as a “Database Centre of Excellence” for our methodologies by an independent team of legal and forensic auditors on behalf of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

Introducing EI’s Data services bureau

Data Solutions at your service


We offer a specialist data service that can improve, enhance, analyse and report on all aspects of customer and operational business data.We know that time is critical and that you often have last minute marketing campaigns or operational issues and so we move fast but with strict quality control. We normally can deliver your output requirements within 48 to 72 hours.

Our Data Services Bureau can put you back in contact with your customers by updating your customer database with legally verified data from South Africa’s LARGEST, most INTELLIGENT and RESPONSIVE  database 

Collections and Tracing of persons

Marketing Communications

Billing & Statement including communication channel conversion

Fraud & Risk Compliance e.g. SARS IT3B

Data Verification & clean-up for Analytics, BI and Modelling

Adopting client-centric campaigns

Household & Individual Views

Appropriate communication to the right person

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