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This can be an individual, batch or cellphone verification


Input an ID number

Either input an ID number or upload a file containing ID numbers


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Verify your ID and Cellphone number (for security reasons) before download

Key Business Use Cases

Collections & Tracing of persons

Fraud, Risk & Compliance


Improving contactability for marketing communications

Verification for client on-boarding

Contact (Call) Centre

Data Verification & clean up for BI, analytics & modelling

Why conventional data quality solutions fail

Contact Updates offer “quick wins” and a large percentage improvement over typical internal remediation methods. Data Quality tools and other processes designed to update customer data are expensive in high volumes. When used in conjunction with the Contact Update Portal, your operational resources require less cost and capacity as they are focused only on managing exceptions.

We’re in the business of putting you back in touch with your customers

EI has a data bureau with South Africa’s largest and most comprehensive data asset of ECONOMICALLY ACTIVE consumers. We collect, re-engineer and manage very large data assets from over 25 different sources. In providing contact updates, EI does not sell information but ENHANCES & updates companies list records of their consumers. With us, your data quality is assured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is keeping your data updated important?
If it is not up-to-date, it could cost your business millions of Rands in lost revenue. If you don’t have the┬áright contact details for that customer, how do you expect to get hold of your customers? Effective lead generation starts with accurate data.
How does it work?
You log on to a secure web server. We authenticate by giving you a username and password. You purchase credits and you’re on your way….
How secure is it?
I need Gerhard to tell me if its AES encrypted or what words I must use.
How big a batch file can I upload?
Up to 100MB big
How fast is it?
Like flash….. on acid!

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