All you ever wanted to know about EI’s software tools.

Our independently developed and owned software solutions offer organisations accuracy in strategic business planning, with architectural flexibility.We turn raw information into decision-making gold with our Intelligent products and solutions. Organisations need real-world business insights to make informed decisions that will turn suitable customers into paying customers. Our products are designed to turn complicated databases into straightforward relationships. Our technology enables you to find the true meaning in your data.

 We keep it simple, sensible and practical to ensure you get real value.



InfoArchitect is a world-class data quality management and enhancement software suite. It is used by major corporations including Banks, Credit Bureaus, Retailers and Insurance companies to solve their data quality & validation challenges. It’s so awesome – (not only because EI developed and owns it) –  but also because  InfoArchitect processes over 4.8 BILLION records every year, – validating, correcting, enhancing and even geocoding all at the same time in LIGHTNING SPEED! BUT WAIT…. There’s more!




EI has developed MarketGini that enables you to gain actional and applicable market intelligence to drive and inform your marketing strategy. This will create sophisticated dialogue between brands and consumers

Address Xpress in action: Don’t let incorrect or incomplete physical address information pollute your customer information any longer! Address Xpress gives you the confidence that address details have been captured correctly and ensures that only accurate information is accepted. RAPIDLY. (75% faster).


Automated Address Validation saves you TIME and MONEY. This software technology solution ensures the correct physical address is captured (at point of entry). It enables improved cash flow by identifying undeliverable physical addresses (for invoices, statements, marketing material/ general correspondence) of snail mail and initiates corrective actions immediately so you don’t have to incur unnecessary mail house or SAPO costs. Added benefits of Automated Address Validation is its real-time geo-coding capabilities so you can visually identify problem areas INSTANTLY! NOW you can save Labour, time and money by ensuring you are delivering your information to the right person at the correct physical address.



InfoXplorer™ is an enterprise-wide intelligent marketing campaign management and execution platform that enables companies to manage complex multi-step and multi-channel campaigns to customers and prospects.  It is proven to manage tens of millions of records and is designed to support comprehensive analytics and marketing.



Businesses in a variety of consumer-facing markets face myriad pressures when it comes to verifying their customers. We understand your challenges and we’re here to help you. Utilizing the market-leading strengths of the AssureInfo platform, (a secure cloud-based SaaS API –  which means there is no infrastructure set-up necessary!) it will enable you to verify personal and contact information

This solution offers the following cloud-based* capability within our EI marketing eco system that can be optionally configured, customised or developed:

  • Connect, listen and respond in Real-time to sources and channels using pre-built adaptors such as; Twitter, Facebook, Web, SMS, Chat, Call centres, Apps, Internet devices, databases, internal systems, etc.
  • Employ a powerful rules engine able to deliver the most sophisticated automation of rules for Credit, Risk and other demanding applications.
  • Embed predictive SAS or R models at any point in the customer journey.
  • The design of the customer journeys through integrating all required touch-points and actions can be visually work-flowed and tested and then instantly implemented operationally.