We predict who your best customers will be

Enabled by analytics, EI will identify and help you sell more to valuable customers

Only send selected offers to the customers in the universe that are likely to respond.

The “Convincers” – people who buy (or renew) who would not have done so if the campaign had not been run                                                          

 The “Absolutes” – people who would have bought whether or not you ran the campaign

 The “Quitters” – people who would never have bought, with or without the campaign

The “Agitators” – people for whom the campaign triggers a negative response

Driving sustainable value through predictive analytics

Most companies boast in offering you a large quantity of potential customers. At EI, we are fanatical about ensuring we ONLY offer you “Qualified” customers to match your product/business. We won’t waste your marketing budget by targeting consumers who would buy anyway, or are unlikely to purchase or worse still, spend money that actually drives away customers.

We enable organisations to engage with each of their customers as individuals, resulting in improved profitability, increased retention, reduced risk and superior customer experiences. This is achieved through our insight-driven methodologies which empower companies to create enduring one-to-one relationships with their customers.

At EI, we have South Africa’s largest Data Asset that can give you more of “The Convincers” than anyone else in our category. And we’re chomping at the bit for you to challenge us!

Start growing your revenue today!

Drive Revenue. Increase Efficiency. Avoid Risks

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Using predictive analytics to drastically improve business outcomes

Your business is a goldmine of customer data, which when leveraged within a structured framework, will generate incremental revenue for your business. At Effective Intelligence, we build customised solutions for you. Get on the fast track to data-driven marketing. efficiently and effectively.

  • Proven Methodology – we work with you using a clearly defined framework that transforms data into insight – insights into a plan of action, with metrics tied to the bottom line
  • No capital investment – leverage our best in class data, analytics and marketing expertise and experience with NO investment in hardware, software or additional employees

Surprise and delight your customers by knowing what they want before they do

Insight, not hindsight is the essence of predictive analytics – and that’s what we do, helping to create the most relevant, targeted customer experiences.


Maximise the value of every interaction

When we say from Analytics to Action, we mean:

Creating and managing profitable customer relationships beyond “probability or Likelihood” to “operationalise and purchase” 

  • Boost to Customer Lifetime Value 30% 30%
  • Increase resource efficiency 62% 62%
  • Increase Marketing Effectiveness 72.5% 72.5%
  • Increased Customer Retention 27.9% 27.9%